Car charging pile

Extended charging cable, standard plug

Simple operation interface

The operation interface is beautiful and simple

Charging Cabinet / Power Exchange Cabinet / Charging station / Charging pile

Charging Cabinet

Full of automatic stop, support code scanning card

Battery Swap Cabinet

Offline power change, battery tracking

Visualization Background

Independent research and development

The latest case sharing of car charging piles in Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School

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Project background

Founded in 1930, Guangzhou No. 2 High School was rated as the key High school of Guangzhou in 1956, and one of the first provincial level schools in Guangdong Province in 1994. In 2007, it passed the acceptance inspection of Guangdong Provincial demonstration ordinary high school. The school is now A complete middle school, A class A school directly under Guangzhou Education Bureau.

With the development of electric vehicles, more and more employees in schools choose to buy electric vehicles. The installation of charging piles in schools is to facilitate the use of charging by employees at work, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.







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