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8-way power exchange cabinet

8-way power exchange cabinet

8-channel smart battery exchange cabinet, small program scan code to change batteries, support lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, automatically identify battery BMS system, better charge and protect batteries, prolong battery life, suitable for takeaway riders, shared electric vehicles, electric vehicles Car rental, battery rental and other industries

Yunku’S New Technology


Convenient Battery Exchange

The exchange cabinet for electric bicycle batteries offers a highly convenient and efficient way for users to swap their depleted batteries with fully charged ones. With easily accessible compartments, users can quickly insert their empty battery and retrieve a fully charged replacement. This eliminates the need for lengthy charging times and allows users to continue their journey without interruption, promoting seamless and convenient usage of electric bicycles.


Increased Battery Availability and Accessibility

By implementing an exchange cabinet system, electric bicycle battery availability and accessibility are significantly enhanced. These cabinets can be strategically placed in various locations, such as parking lots, residential areas, or commercial hubs, ensuring a wide distribution network. Users can easily locate nearby cabinets and have access to fully charged batteries at any time, reducing range anxiety and providing a reliable power source for electric bicycle riders.


Improved Battery Management and Maintenance

The use of an exchange cabinet system for electric bicycle batteries also contributes to improved battery management and maintenance. These cabinets are equipped with advanced monitoring systems that keep track of battery conditions, such as charging status and overall health. This enables operators to monitor and maintain the batteries proactively, ensuring that only optimal batteries are available for users. By regularly swapping and inspecting batteries, potential issues can be detected early, enhancing overall battery performance and durability.

Power Exchange Cabinet

New Technology Brings A New Charging Experience

4-Way Power Exchange Cabinet

The 4-way power exchange cabinet is a versatile solution designed for industries where efficient power management is crucial. With four individual compartments, this cabinet allows simultaneous battery exchange for multiple devices or equipment. Whether it is a bustling warehouse, a construction site, or a busy logistics center, this power exchange cabinet ensures uninterrupted operations by providing quick and hassle-free battery swaps. Its compact design and sturdy construction make it an ideal choice for optimizing workflow and enhancing productivity in high-demand environments.

10-Way Power Exchange Cabinet

The 10-way power exchange cabinet revolutionizes power management in large-scale operations. Equipped with ten segregated compartments, it offers simultaneous and organized battery exchange for numerous devices or machines. This cabinet provides a seamless solution for industries like manufacturing, data centers, or event management, where a substantial number of equipment require reliable power sources. Its advanced monitoring system ensures efficient battery usage, allowing operators to easily track and manage the power supply of each individual device. With its exceptional capacity and intuitive design, the 10-way power exchange cabinet is a game-changer in powering modern industries.

12-Way Power Exchange Cabinet

When it comes to managing a vast array of devices or equipment, the 12-way power exchange cabinet stands out as a powerhouse in power management solutions. With twelve specialized compartments, it offers a highly efficient and reliable battery exchange system for various industries, such as telecommunications, transportation, or renewable energy. This cabinet's exceptional capacity enables seamless operations, ensuring that devices stay powered without any downtime. Its robust build and advanced safety features guarantee the secure and effortless exchange of batteries, providing peace of mind and unparalleled convenience for users. The 12-way power exchange cabinet is the epitome of power management excellence.

Advanced Solutions Provided By Yunku Intelligent

Industry Experience

Yunku Intelligent has been deeply involved in the fields of two-wheeled electric vehicle charging/swapping, IoT system research and development for many years, has a deep understanding of the business and accumulated a lot of project experience, and can provide customers with mature and in-depth industry solutions.

R & D capabilities

Yunku Intelligent has a number of high-tech products and computer software copyrights in Guangdong Province, a strong software and hardware R&D team and customized services, and can quickly deploy systems according to customer needs to help projects develop quickly.

Professional Service

Yunku Intelligent has a professional service team, with pre-sales and after-sales follow-up, can provide mature solutions, platform visual management, allowing customers to save worry and effort.


Power Exchange Cabinet Operating Instructions

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