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Guangzhou Luoyong Association installed electric vehicle intelligent charging cabinet case

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In Luochung district, green and orange line up neatly. The "cabinet" attracted the attention of the crowd. "Take off the battery of the electric bike and charge it in the charging cabinet for higher safety factor!" Citizen Mr. Chen repeatedly praised. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Baiyun District, Songzhou Street snail Chung area, Songzhou Street snail Chung area "big Party committee" through demand, resources, projects, "three lists" pilot installation of nearly 40 electric bicycle charging cabinet, to solve the problem of charging residents.
Light and beautiful appearance, simple operation intelligence, affordable and close to the people...... Came to Luoyong Union Datang industrial zone, the reporter saw the new electric car charging cabinet, fresh green color, bright orange, particularly eye-catching. "First use the phone to scan the code to enter the small program, select the road number, charging time, and then put the battery into the port to charge, close the door." Mr. Chen introduced the intelligent operation of the charging cabinet to the reporter, and said that the charging cabinet charges 0.75 yuan/hour, the price is relatively close to the people.
It is understood that Luoyong district gathered Fuxing motorcycle, Baiyun motorcycle and other large motorcycle market, electric bike flow, some owners to electric vehicle charging is not standard, there are safety risks. "Some owners park electric cars in the corridor to charge, some owners randomly pull private wiring, the device is simple, some multiple cars share the socket, serious overload. "The dangers of charging electric cars indoors are well known, but some people are still lucky." Luoyong "big Party committee" Deputy secretary of the Luoyong Association of the Party Committee Guo Yaoquan said.
The number of charging piles in the original charging shed in the area is limited, which cannot meet the charging demand of electric vehicles. Residents' demand for safe charging of electric bicycles is growing stronger. In order to better protect the safety of residents' lives and property, the "big Party Committee" of Luchong held a joint meeting and decided to adapt measures to local conditions to speed up the construction of intelligent centralized charging pile and install intelligent charging cabinets at the same time.
Since August this year, Luchong's "Big Party Committee" has cooperated with a third-party company to install nearly 40 electric vehicle charging cabinets in Datang Industrial zone on a pilot basis. "The smart charging cabinet has the advantages of intelligent control, smoke alarm system, anti-overcharging, high safety factor, simple operation and so on, which not only solves the problem of residents' charging difficulties, but also greatly reduces the safety risk." "Guo Yaoquan said. Next, it plans to install more than 200 charging cabinets covering villages and all industrial parks to better prevent fire accidents caused by electric vehicle charging.
Ms. Xu, the person in charge of Datang Industrial Zone, said with satisfaction, "The installation of smart charging cabinets for battery cars by Luochung Association is a very favorable measure. When charging, the cabinet door is closed, much safer, more at ease. There are more than 300 employees in our park, and more than 90% of them choose to use the smart charging cabinet to charge the battery car. Everyone had a good experience."
According to the introduction, the "three lists" are the innovation and exploration of Songzhou Street in promoting the Party construction and leading the comprehensive management of urban villages. Since the establishment of the "Big Party Committee" under the jurisdiction of the four affiliated organizations, the "Big Party Committee" has given full play to the "Big Party Committee" to comprehensively establish the "three lists" of demands, resources and projects to maximize the integration, allocate the superior resources of the jurisdiction, deeply and carefully serve the people, and comprehensively improve the efficiency and ability of the "Big Party Committee" to serve the people.

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