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Electric bicycle battery safety is a concern

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At present, the number of e-bikes in China is close to 300 million, and the huge market also poses a huge test of safety.

Apart from speed, the safety of electric bikes' batteries is also a concern, CCTV Technology reported. Statistics show that there are about 2,000 e-bike-related fires in China every year, 80 percent of which are caused by charging.
At present, the number of e-bikes in China is close to 300 million, and the huge market also poses a huge test of safety. At present, lithium electric bicycle products occupy 80 or even 90 percent of the market in many sales stores, compared with previous years' lead-acid battery models, because of their light weight and long service life.
According to relevant regulations, before the end of this year, electric bicycle related enterprises should complete a series of product technology changes, such as anti-modification, improve battery safety, otherwise they will not be able to obtain 3C certification, no factory sales, import and export, but also aggravate the market out of backward production capacity. In terms of battery safety technology upgrades, the industry is also accelerating progress in smart transformation. For example, an e-bike group testing center in Zhejiang Province said, "Through big data management, we can see some bad phenomena of batteries in advance. The charger can be alerted in advance to prevent overcharging, or the controller can be turned off early and alarm during discharge to ensure the safety of battery use."

    Speed up the construction of electric vehicle charging pile in the community. Electric vehicle charging station has many safety protection functions, such as full automatic stop, overload protection, short circuit protection, current detection and so on. Floating charging for better battery protection and longer battery life.

    Charging station installation is not limited to sites, easy to charge, but also centralized management of electric vehicles, suitable for installation in communities, rural areas, schools, hospitals, parking lots and other sites.

    Replacement charging, power changing cabinet to solve the range anxiety, power changing cabinet with battery detection, battery tracking and other functions. Better battery protection. To rent and buy, many people think that lithium batteries are too expensive, and the price of battery replacement will be very painful. Users of electric replacement cabinets only need to pay a battery deposit and buy a package to use the battery. Some operators also add insurance services to make users feel more at ease when using the battery.

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