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Two people were killed and five injured when a bus caught fire. The cause was......

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Lithium batteries are prone to fire due to overcharge and short circuit, resulting in serious injuries and fire accidents. In order to avoid potential dangers, we should pay attention to the correct use, storage and disposal methods of lithium batteries, and choose regular charging equipment for charging.

According to the "Nanjing Jiangbei New Area" wechat public account issued a notice, at 11:42 on August 20, 2023, in the Nanjing Civiying section of 104 National Road, an intercity bus (Anhui M03799D) from Lai 'an County, Anhui Province to forest farm station, suddenly caught fire during the driving process. At 12 o 'clock, the open fire was extinguished.

After a preliminary investigation, the cause of the fire was spontaneous combustion of a lithium battery battery carried by a passenger. The fire killed 2 passengers, and another 5 people were partially scalded and sent to the hospital for treatment, none of them are in danger of life. The circumstances surrounding the accident are under further investigation.

In life, lithium batteries can be seen everywhere, of which the most familiar is the electric bicycle battery. If the safety awareness is insufficient, improper disposal in the use, storage, waste and other links, lithium batteries will become a "time bomb".

Why do lithium batteries easily catch fire?

Lithium battery is both combustible and ignition source, once the collision, extrusion, overcharge and short circuit and other situations, easy to cause fire, explosion and other safety accidents, resulting in casualties.

Lithium batteries mainly rely on lithium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes to achieve the charge and discharge process, from the principle point of view, the most important factors causing the explosion of lithium batteries are actually overcharge and short circuit two categories.


01 Overcharge
Overcharge mainly occurs in the charging process of lithium batteries, because the battery has resistance, the battery will store a lot of heat during the charging process. The protection device in the lithium battery can provide a certain degree of protection against overcharge by detecting the voltage.

However, when the overcharge time is too long and the voltage continues to be too high, the dendrite short circuit inside the lithium-ion battery is prone to occur, resulting in the rising temperature and pressure of the lithium battery, resulting in the risk of explosion and fire.

02 Short Circuit

Short circuit mainly occurs in the use of lithium batteries, lithium batteries in use, their own temperature will continue to rise, while the battery also maintains normal heat dissipation.
If the battery temperature is too high because of external factors, it is easy to cause damage to the battery diaphragm, resulting in short circuit, resulting in excessive internal heat accumulation, triggering a chain chemical reaction, causing the battery to explode and burn.

How to prevent lithium battery fire

1. Purchase regular qualified lithium battery products and tools.
2. When lithium battery products and tools are not in use, try to remove the battery and store it separately.

3, lithium batteries should avoid storage in wet, high temperature and other parts and try to stay away from flammable flammable materials.

4. The lithium battery should be disconnected in time after being fully charged, and do not charge continuously for a long time.

5, lithium battery products, tools daily use do not crush.

How to charge a lithium battery
1. Do not charge lithium batteries indoors and in corridors
2, purchase formal, 3C certified charger

3, the use of intelligent charging equipment charging (charging cabinet, power change cabinet, charging station), intelligent charging products with full stop, overload protection, short circuit protection and other functions

How to choose the charging equipment manufacturer

1, regular operation, complete qualifications
2. Check whether it is the source manufacturer and whether it has the ability to develop products

3, after-sales service is timely

4. Whether the production cycle and capacity of the product can be met

5, whether the background management is easy to operate, whether the withdrawal is easy, whether the data analysis is accurate

6, late operation and maintenance is simple and fast

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