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Convenient and safe! Guangzhou Songzhou Street 300 smart charging cabinet "on the job", nearby residents charging more convenient

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Songzhou Street has installed 300 smart charging cabinets in the northwest of Guangzhou, solving the problem of "difficult charging" and "charging chaos" of electric bicycles in People's Daily life. These charging cabinets not only provide convenient, safe and intelligent charging services, but also strengthen fire safety supervision and provide residents with peace of mind charging facilities.

    In recent years, electric bicycles have become an indispensable means of transportation in People's Daily life because of their convenient, environmental protection, economic and other advantages. Songzhou Street is located in the northwest of Guangzhou, under the control of the Zengcha Road along the fruit and vegetable wholesale market, a number of large motorcycle market composed of economic parks, electric bicycle traffic, "flying line" charging, "upstairs charging" and other chaos occurs, "charging is difficult" "charging chaos" problem also plagued many residents.

    Songzhou Street practices the concept of "I do practical things for the masses", focuses on the prominent problems and intractable problems that the masses reflect strongly, adheres to the spirit of "embroidery needle", conducts in-depth grassroots research, explores and promotes the installation of electric bicycle intelligent charging cabinets, uses scientific and technological means to enhance safety supervision capabilities, and sets up a strong fire safety "firewall" in the jurisdiction. Up to now, the whole area of Songzhou Street has put 300 electric bicycle smart charging cabinets.

    The number of original charging sheds and charging piles in the area is limited, which cannot meet the charging needs of electric vehicles, and residents' demands for safe charging of electric bicycles are becoming more and more intense.


    It is understood that each intelligent charging cabinet has 10 positions, can charge 10 batteries at the same time, with overload stop charging, full stop, temperature protection and other intelligent protection mechanism, while each charging bin has an independent automatic induction fire extinguishing device, effectively reduce fire hazards. The equipment covers a smaller area, which greatly improves the effective application rate of site resources. The charging cabinet is also installed with monitoring devices, streets, village communities, and enterprises carry out daily inspections, strengthen supervision, and ensure the safe and normal use of equipment. Luoyong Union staff said that since the beginning of this year, nearly 110 electric vehicle charging cabinets have been installed in Luoyong Union, and the intelligent and simple operation and affordable price make the residents in the district very satisfied.

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