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How to charge for electric bicycle change cabinet?

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The charging method of the smart power change cabinet is flexible and diverse, depending on the use time, city, specifications and other factors. It mainly includes automatic power change service fee, battery rental fee and parcel storage service fee. The specific fee needs to be understood according to local conditions. By understanding the charging method of the intelligent power change cabinet, you can choose your own way, saving worry and money.

  There are many ways to charge for smart power change cabinets, the background can be freely set, you can also set concessions, in general, the use of smart power change cabinets is divided into two parts: power change costs and battery rental fees.
  The power change service fee refers to the fee required for charging and replacing the battery in the smart power change cabinet, and its billing method mainly includes per-view charging and monthly charging. Charging per use refers to charging a certain fee according to the number of uses, charging per month is charging per month, and charging is different in different cities and different specifications of smart power change cabinets.
  Battery rental fee refers to the cost of battery rental, which is usually divided into two parts: deposit and rent. The deposit can be set according to different battery specifications, and the rent is charged for different lease periods, usually including daily, weekly and monthly rents, and the cost varies according to the lease term.
In addition, some smart power change cabinets are also set up parcel storage services, and users need to charge related fees during use. Different smart power change cabinets may have different preferential policies when used, such as discounts when used in large quantities.
  It should be noted that the charging methods and policies of smart power change cabinets may be different in different cities and regions, and it is necessary to understand and inquire according to local conditions.
  The charging method of cloud cool smart power change cabinet is more flexible, mainly charging per time and monthly charges, customers need to do free service, need to understand and inquire according to the specific situation

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