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How should electric vehicles be charged?

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Electric vehicle fire accidents repeatedly prohibited, this article reminds everyone to abide by the charging code, to avoid incorrect charging methods caused by fire, to ensure personal and property safety.

Fire accidents caused by electric vehicles occur from time to time, more than 3,000 electric vehicle fires occurred nationwide in 2018, rising to more than 18,000 in 2021, and two major fires caused by electric vehicles occurred in the past five years, how terrible is the electric vehicle fire?

In daily life, fires caused by electric vehicles occur from time to time. Unqualified electric vehicles or batteries and other products, incorrect charging or random modification of electric vehicles will increase the risk of fire, then how should electric vehicles be charged?

1, electric vehicles are prohibited to charge indoors, and it is strictly prohibited to park electric vehicles or charge electric vehicles in public foyers, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits. Once the fire, will block the escape channel, easy to cause casualties. You can't take the battery home and charge it.

2, do not fly line charging, line wear, aging, extreme weather and other conditions, easy to cause fire

3, it is prohibited to modify the battery, add audio, lighting, etc., which is easy to cause line overload and cause fire.

4, electric car charging, to stay away from flammable and explosive items, to prevent electric car fire after the fire, resulting in a greater accident.

5, prohibit overnight charging, overnight charging and unattended, once the battery, wires and other problems, easy to cause fire. Try to charge during the day, full and timely power off.

6, the use of electric vehicle charging station, charging cabinet, electric change cabinet and other equipment to charge electric vehicles, full of automatic stop, unattended, automatic fire extinguishing device, so that electric vehicles charging more safe

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