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How should the electrical cabinet be located?

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The location and distribution of the power change cabinet should consider the target group, such as college students, tourists, take-out riders, etc., and pay attention to the tourism hot spots and take-out industry, and build stations to provide riders with convenient power change services.

  How should the electrical cabinet be located? I believe that many operators in the early stage of this project is a headache, next we will be divided into three aspects to talk about the location of the layout skills. The last one is particularly important

  First, we site distribution, we must first consider the use of this area of the population, for example, you are located in primary and secondary schools, the electric vehicle population is relatively small, then the power change cabinet put there is equivalent to a display, but if it is put in the university, the effect will be much better, because many college students are now using electric vehicles, car rental + power change form is also suitable for students' consumption level

  Second, many scenic spots now also have the service of renting electric vehicles, convenient for tourists to play, operators can be placed in the rental shop, can also be placed in the play route more people, convenient for tourists on the road to change electricity.

  Third, is the largest user of the electric change cabinet, they are takeout riders, now many electric vehicle repair shops or sales shops have electrical change cabinets, the rider will have a sense, these places can generally be changed, when the operator site, you can choose some memorable scenes, there is now many operators will build rider stations, The station can provide a place for riders to rest, and can also change electricity. Let's talk next time about how to build a rider's station

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