12-way charging cabinet

Yunku Smart 12-way electric vehicle charging cabinet, convenient charging of electric vehicles by scanning code and card, outdoor battery waterproof and anti-theft charging cabinet



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12-way power exchange cabinet (single scan code)

One cabinet is hard to find and charging is the biggest worry for users who often use electric vehicles. The charging cabinet solves this problem very well. Share the charging cabinet, even if the charging is safe, it can also prevent theft. Provide a data platform to make operations more clear at a glance and facilitate data management.

8-way power exchange cabinet

8-channel smart battery exchange cabinet, small program scan code to change batteries, support lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, automatically identify battery BMS system, better charge and protect batteries, prolong battery life, suitable for takeaway riders, shared electric vehicles, electric vehicles Car rental, battery rental and other industries

4-way power exchange cabinet

Yunku smart 4-way mini battery replacement cabinet, small program positioning and battery replacement, suitable for lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery charging, automatic docking with BMS battery identification system, quickly identify battery parameters, better protect battery, prolong battery life, effectively achieve Full of self-stop, overload protection, no-load protection, small cabinet, easy to move, multiple mobile details design, overall ventilation design, good heat dissipation effect

24-way charging cabinet

Model: YK-CDG20WFS Input voltage: AC220(50HZ) Single current: 0.1-3A Carrying current: 25A Shell material: 1.2mm thick sheet metal Billing mode: time/power

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