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10-way charging cabinet (free version)

10-way charging cabinet (free version)

One cabinet is hard to find and charging is the biggest worry for users who often use electric vehicles. The charging cabinet solves this problem very well. Share the charging cabinet, even if the charging is safe, it can also prevent theft. Provide a data platform to make operations more clear at a glance and facilitate data management.

New Charging Method


Convenient & Versatile Charging Options

Charging cabinets offer convenient and versatile charging options that cater to various device types and charging needs. Some cabinets even support fast charging technologies, allowing devices to charge at optimal speeds. Furthermore, charging cabinets can be easily integrated with existing power management systems, providing centralized control and monitoring of the charging process. This versatility and flexibility make charging cabinets suitable for different environments and use cases, from classrooms and workplaces to hospitality venues and public spaces.


Enhanced Security & Safety

Charging cabinets are designed with security and safety features to protect valuable electronic devices. Many cabinets have lockable doors or individual locking compartments, preventing unauthorized access and theft. Additionally, they often incorporate features like surge protection and built-in cooling systems to minimize the risk of electrical damage or overheating.


Efficient Storage & Organization

Charging cabinets feature multiple compartments and charging slots that can accommodate a large number of devices at once. By placing your devices in one central location, it's easier to keep track of them and ensure they're charged and ready to use when needed. This eliminates the hassle of finding chargers and outlets, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Charging Cabinet

Lightning-Fast Power Boost

12-Way Charging Cabinet

Introducing the 12-Way Charging Cabinet, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable electric bike charging. Designed specifically for electric bike owners and charging station operators, this cabinet offers a seamless experience for charging multiple electric bikes simultaneously. With 12 individual charging slots, it provides ample capacity to accommodate various electric bike models. The intelligent charging system ensures optimal power distribution, preventing overcharging and extending the battery life of your electric bikes. Whether you own a fleet of electric bikes or manage a charging station for electric bike riders, the 12-Way Charging Cabinet is the perfect choice to ensure convenient and efficient charging.

20-Way Charging Cabinet

Experience the future of electric bike charging with the 20-Way Charging Cabinet. Designed for electric bike enthusiasts and charging station operators, this cabinet provides a hassle-free charging solution for multiple electric bikes. With an impressive capacity to charge up to 20 electric bikes simultaneously, it is perfect for busy electric bike sharing stations or commercial settings. The intelligent charging system ensures fast and safe charging, optimizing the battery life of your electric bikes. Get ready to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the 20-Way Charging Cabinet, providing a seamless charging experience for electric bike owners.

24-Way Charging Cabinet

The 24-Way Charging Cabinet is a game-changer in electric bike charging technology. Specifically designed for electric bike owners and charging station operators, this cabinet offers unparalleled charging capabilities. With its impressive capacity to simultaneously charge up to 24 electric bikes, it is perfect for high-traffic electric bike sharing stations or large-scale electric bike fleets. The intelligent charging system ensures fast and efficient charging, allowing electric bike riders to quickly get back on the road. Embrace the power of the 24-Way Charging Cabinet and revolutionize the way you charge your electric bikes.

Product Use Cases

Pearl River Textile City Charging Cabinet

Pearl River Textile City Charging Cabinet

Centralized charging for electric vehicles in the mall not only provides convenience to users, but also enhances building safety. As the usage of electric vehicles continues to rise, intelligent charging equipment like charging stations, piles, and cabinets are being implemented in many regions. We can provide suitable solutions to expedite the project launch.
Guangzhou Baiyun District Community Charging Cabinet

Guangzhou Baiyun District Community Charging Cabinet

In a limited space, charging cabinets can provide more charging ports; the charging cabinets are equipped with smoke sensing systems, and the storage When the internal temperature reaches the upper limit or encounters an open flame, the power will be automatically cut off to ensure on-site safety; When the battery explodes, other warehouses will have less impact.
Guangzhou Luoyong Association Installed Charging Cabinet

Guangzhou Luoyong Association Installed Charging Cabinet

Songzhou Street snail Chung area "big Party committee" through demand, resources, projects, "three lists" pilot installation of nearly 40 electric bicycle charging cabinet, to solve the problem of charging residents.The installation of smart charging cabinets for battery cars is a very favorable measure. When charging, the cabinet door is closed, much safer, more at ease.

Advanced Solutions Provided By Yunku Intelligent

Industry Experience

Yunku Intelligent has been deeply involved in the fields of two-wheeled electric vehicle charging/swapping, IoT system research and development for many years, has a deep understanding of the business and accumulated a lot of project experience, and can provide customers with mature and in-depth industry solutions.

R & D capabilities

Yunku Intelligent has a number of high-tech products and computer software copyrights in Guangdong Province, a strong software and hardware R&D team and customized services, and can quickly deploy systems according to customer needs to help projects develop quickly.

Professional Service

Yunku Intelligent has a professional service team, with pre-sales and after-sales follow-up, can provide mature solutions, platform visual management, allowing customers to save worry and effort.


Charging Cabinet Operation Demonstration

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Yunku Intelligent applies the self-developed IoT cloud platform, and is committed to the operation management of the cloud platform and the R&D, production and sales of various charging and swapping equipment. The main business includes: Software custom development, battery charging and changing cabinets, electric vehicle charging stations, electric vehicle charging piles, etc. Since the establishment of the company, it has successively obtained 34 patents and 6 software copyrights. In 2017, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. In 2019, it passed the intellectual property management system certification, and in 2020, it will be listed in the Guangdong Equity Exchange Center.

We advocate "leading technology, continuous progress", based on continuous independent research and development, optimizing product structure, with reliable and excellent product performance, humanized design, reasonable price and high-quality after-sales service, won the praise and affirmation of customers .

Relevant products have passed CNAS, CE and other safety certifications, and the technology ranks at the domestic advanced level. The company strictly follows the ISO9001:2015 standard quality management system, and has formed strict, rigorous and standardized management procedures for product design, manufacturing, quality control, and product delivery. The application of Internet of Things technology enables various products to realize interconnection, remote control, real-time monitoring, and big data analysis and management. Through the combination of "terminal, cloud and human", the most comprehensive solution of "easy to use, easy to manage and easy to maintain" is realized.

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