Charging Cabinet


10-way charging cabinet (free version)

One cabinet is hard to find and charging is the biggest worry for users who often use electric vehicles. The charging cabinet solves this problem very well. Share the charging cabinet, even if the charging is safe, it can also prevent theft. Provide a data platform to make operations more clear at a glance and facilitate data management.


12-way charging cabinet

Yunku Smart 12-way electric vehicle charging cabinet, convenient charging of electric vehicles by scanning code and card, outdoor battery waterproof and anti-theft charging cabinet


20-way charging cabinet

Special anti-rat sealing mud for lithium battery and lead-acid battery charging cabinet for fire protection


24-way charging cabinet

Model: YK-CDG20WFS Input voltage: AC220(50HZ) Single current: 0.1-3A Carrying current: 25A Shell material: 1.2mm thick sheet metal Billing mode: time/power


15-way charging cabinet (2022)

Small program scanning code to locate the battery, touch screen operation, full voice reminder, easy to operate, each warehouse is equipped with a fire extinguishing device, a sensitive temperature control system, the fire extinguishing device is activated and the temperature control system is activated immediately, and the entire power exchange cabinet will be automatically cut off When the power is turned off, the background immediately sends information to the administrator. The power exchange cabinet is equipped with a BMS automatic identification system, which automatically identifies battery parameters and prolongs battery life.



"One Helmet, One Belt", the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China launched a safety protection operation

From June 1st, most parts of the country will begin to investigate and punish the implementation of the "One Helmet, One Belt" operation. As the date draws nearer, electric car dealers are starting to talk more about helmets. There has also been a recent shortage of orders. According to statistics, motorcycles, electric bicycles, and cars are the vehicles that cause the most traffic accidents. About 80% of the fatal accidents of motorcycles and electric bicycles are caused by craniocerebral injury; in automobile traffic accidents, accidents caused by being thrown out of the car without wearing seat belts can be found everywhere. Relevant studies have shown that wearing safety helmets correctly and using seat belts properly can reduce the risk of traffic accident death by 60% to 70%.


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