Car charging pile

Extended charging cable, standard plug

Simple operation interface

The operation interface is beautiful and simple

Charging Cabinet / Power Exchange Cabinet / Charging station / Charging pile

Charging Cabinet

Full of automatic stop, support code scanning card

Battery Swap Cabinet

Offline power change, battery tracking

Visualization Background

Independent research and development

Thailand charging cabinet case sharing

Thailand electric vehicle market prospects are very broad. More and more Thais are beginning to pay attention to the low-carbon travel mode of electric vehicles.
Thailand's urban traffic has been very crowded, electric vehicles as a light and flexible way to travel, more and more popular. In addition, due to the low noise and low pollution of electric vehicles, it is also in line with the Thai government's advocacy of environmentally friendly travel. The Thai government also strongly supports the development of electric vehicles. The government is encouraging people to buy and use electric vehicles by offering subsidies and free parking. The implementation of these policies has further promoted the development of the electric vehicle market in Thailand.

Therefore, the demand for electric vehicle charging in Thailand will become higher and higher, and Yuncool smart charging cabinets have also made some successful cases in the local area

The intelligent charging cabinet is a device that charges the battery in the charging cabinet. The warehouse is equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher. When the temperature is too high or an open fire occurs, the device will start to protect the safety of the site.

Thailand is a country with a relatively high temperature. When we customized the charging cabinet, we installed air conditioners for the equipment, so that the charging cabinet does not have to worry about the charging temperature being too high

Yunku intelligent can customize the equipment according to the electricity requirements of each country, but also for voice translation, the operation interface can also be customized to the local text, human-computer interaction is more friendly, the local user operation is easier, but also improve the use of equipment.

The management platform and circuit integration system independently developed by Yunku Intelligent realize integrated hardware and software management, support OEM/ODM customization, client: APP+ mini program, multi-terminal data interworking, use first, pay later, free of charge and withholding; Background management system (Web side, APP side) supports dual-platform operation, real-time charging security management, remote control, OTA upgrade, battery routing management, automatic billing, electronic billing and other functions. In addition, Yunku intelligent also provides one-stop technology, production, installation, commissioning, operation, after-sales, landing cost control and other eight service support, with a complete set of perfect charging and replacement profit plan. At present, the charging port of Yunku intelligent management platform is 550,000 +, the service users are nearly 6 million, the number of charging and replacing cabinets is more than 10,000, and the products are spread across more than 200 cities in the country, and the overall operation efficiency is relatively ideal. As an overall solution provider for intelligent charging and replacement management, we hope to work with urban operators around the city to expand and strengthen the charging and replacement market, provide convenience for electric vehicle travel, escort for safe charging, and contribute to the intelligent management of the city.

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