Car charging pile

Extended charging cable, standard plug

Simple operation interface

The operation interface is beautiful and simple

Charging Cabinet / Power Exchange Cabinet / Charging station / Charging pile

Charging Cabinet

Full of automatic stop, support code scanning card

Battery Swap Cabinet

Offline power change, battery tracking

Visualization Background

Independent research and development

Rider battery swap solution

Old community electric vehicle charging is difficult, residents pull "flying wire" safety risks, hardware equipment is insufficient...

For electric vehicle charging cabinets, couriers and residents only need to scan the two-dimensional code on the cabinet body or swipe the card. Then they can open the box and put the battery into connection and charge according to the idle door number shown on the screen.

Compared with the old traditional charging pile, the newly installed charging cabinet covers a smaller area of only about 1 square meter, but it can charge 10 batteries at the same time, which is both practical and safe. A fire extinguishing device is equipped at each port of the shared charging cabinet. When the temperature reaches the upper limit or an open flame is encountered, the device will start automatically to ensure the safety of the site.

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