charging piles

Charging piles, also known as charging stations or charging points, are essential infrastructure for electric vehicles and electric bicycles. These power delivery systems provide reliable and efficient charging options. With their high power output, compatibility with different charging standards, and advanced safety features, they serve various applications, including public charging stations, commercial parking lots, and residential complexes.


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12 electric vehicle charging stations (code scanning)

12-way electric vehicle charging station (scan code type), the equipment with voice reminder function, each step of the operation has a detailed voice reminder, easy to operate

12 electric bicycle charging station

12-way electric bicycle charging station is suitable for electric vehicle charging in communities, schools, industrial parks and other scenarios. Multiple charging modes can be selected to share charging stations

10 electric bicycle charging stations (with screen)

10-way electric bicycle charging station, with a screen, the screen can play advertising, music, increase product diversity, can bring advertising revenue for operators, outdoor electric bicycle charging station

10 electric bicycle charging stations

10-way electric bicycle charging station can support 10 electric bicycles charging at the same time, support remote control, backstage can view data, hot selling outdoor electric bicycle charging station

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