car charging pile

The car charging pile is a key component of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With its high-power charging capabilities and compatibility with various vehicle models, it offers fast and reliable charging for electric cars.
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12 electric vehicle charging stations (code scanning)

12-way electric vehicle charging station (scan code type), the equipment with voice reminder function, each step of the operation has a detailed voice reminder, easy to operate

12 electric bicycle charging station

12-way electric bicycle charging station is suitable for electric vehicle charging in communities, schools, industrial parks and other scenarios. Multiple charging modes can be selected to share charging stations

10 electric bicycle charging stations (with screen)

10-way electric bicycle charging station, with a screen, the screen can play advertising, music, increase product diversity, can bring advertising revenue for operators, outdoor electric bicycle charging station

10 electric bicycle charging stations

10-way electric bicycle charging station can support 10 electric bicycles charging at the same time, support remote control, backstage can view data, hot selling outdoor electric bicycle charging station

How to avoid electric car fire?

Nowadays, many riders use the shared electric change cabinet, which is the energy supply station of the rider's electric vehicle. Sharing electric change cabinet is to share the full battery for riders to use. In addition to this scene, it can also be used in many places, such as sightseeing cars in tourist areas, electric car rental, urban sanitation cars and so on, to reduce the risk of charging and improve the efficiency of travel.

How scary are electric cars when they catch fire?

    There are many accidents caused by electric car indoor charging fire, a video tells you how terrible electric car fire. We must ring the alarm bell, not because of a fluke brewing catastrophe. Tip: Prohibit electric cars into the building into the house, not only for their own responsibility, but also for others.

How should electric cars be charged in rainy days?

There are many rainy seasons in spring, and the rain does not stop all day long. Except for the clothes not drying, the charging or driving of electric vehicles has become a big problem.

There are new rules! Electric cars "go upstairs and enter the home", which may affect personal credit information!

Important Notice The Office of the Beijing Urban Environment Construction Management Committee has recently issued the "Implementation Plan for Further Strengthening the Control of the Whole Chain of Electric Bicycles in the City". By the end of 2022, strive to basically cover the construction of charging facilities in the city's residential areas; by the end of 2023, basically eliminate the hidden dangers of electric bicycles and batteries going upstairs to charge at home.

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